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What are the top 10 biggest corporate tax evasion cases worldwide?

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1. Apple Inc: In 2016, the European Union ordered Apple to pay €13 billion ($14.9 billion) in back taxes to the Irish government, alleging that the company received illegal state aid.

2. Google: In 2019, Google agreed to pay £1 billion ($1.3 billion) to the French government to settle a tax fraud probe. The company was accused of underreporting its activities in France to minimize tax obligations.

3. Starbucks: In 2015, the European Union ruled that the Netherlands had granted illegal state aid to Starbucks by allowing it to shift profits and significantly reduce its tax payments. The company was ordered to pay €30 million ($34 million) in back taxes.

4. Amazon: In 2019, the European Commission declared that Luxembourg had granted Amazon undue tax benefits, enabling it to pay substantially less tax. The company was ordered to repay €250 million ($278 million) in back taxes.

5. Microsoft: In 2019, Microsoft was accused by India’s tax authorities of evading around $207 million in taxes over the years. The case is ongoing.

6. Pfizer: In 2016, Pfizer was ordered to pay $106 million in back taxes and interest to the Canadian government. The company was accused of using offshore subsidiaries to avoid taxes.

7. Facebook: In 2016, Facebook agreed to pay millions in back taxes to the UK government following an investigation by tax authorities. However, the exact amount was not disclosed.

8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA): In 2015, the European Commission ruled that Fiat received illegal tax benefits in Luxembourg, artificially reducing its taxable profits. The company was ordered to repay €30 million ($34 million) in back taxes.

9. Glencore: In 2018, Glencore was being investigated by the Australian Taxation Office for alleged tax avoidance practices. The company was accused of shifting profits offshore to minimize tax obligations.

10. Vodafone: In 2011, Vodafone was involved in a tax dispute with the Indian government over its acquisition of a majority stake in an Indian mobile operator. The case involved a dispute over the applicability of taxes and was eventually settled in 2014 with Vodafone paying around $2 billion.

Please note that tax evasion cases may involve multiple legal disputes, ongoing investigations, and settlements that are subject to change.

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